How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts Using Mobile On Blogger ( 2020 )

Hello friends all of you are welcome once again on your own website, today I am going to tell you all how to write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts Using Mobile. So today all of you people keep reading this post very carefully, if you all will not read this post carefully then you will not understand correctly, so all of you people will read it carefully and if there is any problem anywhere, then below me Let me know in the comment.

Friends, a lot of people always ask me to tell me some way through which all of us can write SEO Friendly posts on Blogger through our mobile phones. Which gives us a lot of traffic and our earning is also good. So today I am going to give full information about this to all of you and the way in which I will tell you all, that you can use this method and you can write the post of more world in less time.

On this complete information, I have also made a video in a detail on our YouTube channel, so all of you can learn all the information by watching that video, you can understand that the video of everyone will be found under this post, then all the people Will also see it once so that all of you people understand everything correctly.

How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts Using Mobile On Blogger

So, friends, let me tell you all how to write SEO-friendly blog posts. There are many friends of ours who do not have laptops or computers and they blogging using their mobile phones, but they find it very difficult to write blog posts and they do not write SEO-friendly or Adsense friendly blog posts. If you get, then today I am going to tell you all a very simple way, using which all of you can get as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Ada will be able to write large Blog Post.

Friends, the way I am going to tell you all today to write blog posts in mobile is through Google document, yes friends, through Google document, all of you can prepare a blog post by typing voice as soon as possible. Everyone can include all the keywords related to your blog post, anywhere you will not have any problem. So I will tell you all about how to write blog posts to all of you in the Google document.

Friends, you can easily write your blog post by voice typing by using the Google document, and when your post is ready, all of you can copy and paste it directly into your Blogger account. All of you will get a lot of simplicity and your work will also be completed in a short time. And you use this method and all of you, then you will get the approval of Google Adsense as soon as possible, anywhere you will not have any problem, I personally use this method myself, so I am sharing my personal experience with all of you I am.

Write Blog Post On Blogger Using Mobile Phone

Friends, I am telling you all some steps below, if you follow all the steps correctly, all of you people can easily use your mobile phone or if you all If people have a computer, then they will be able to write a blog article as soon as possible. If all of you do not have a computer and all of you work in mobile, then all of you will have to download the application of Google document, but if all of you have a computer, then all of you open its website in the computer You can

  • Download Google Docs App in Google Play Store (For Mobile). If You Have Pc So Go To This Site. 
  • Then Login With Your Google Account
  • Click On StartNew Document
  • AThen You Can See A Blank Page.
How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts Using Mobile On Blogger

Friends, Now a blank page will come in front of all of you, in which all the people can prepare your article, so all the other people want to do voice typing. If so, all of you must follow the steps given below. 

Voice Typing On Google Docs

  • First Go To Tools Option
  • Click On Voice Typing
  • Then Select Your Language
  • Start Voice Over

Translate Docs In Google Docs

  • First Go To Tools Option
  • Click On Translate Document
  • Then Select Your Language
  • Click On Translate

Friends, everyone you Google this way You can easily create your blog post in the document. That is, if all of you do not have a PC or desktop, then you can use your mobile phone to write more and more words in less time.

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