AdSense Approval Tips 2020

AdSense Approval Tips 2020 For Blogger & WordPress

Hello friends, today I will tell you all in this article AdSense Approval Tips 2020 about the program. Everyone wants to know how to approve your Blog website with Google Adsense, so come on, everyone should read this article very carefully. Because I will tell you all such steps that if you follow all the people and implement them on your website, then you can easily Google Sense will get approved and you will be able to earn handsome money there .

Friends always keep asking me a lot of users by asking me, Sir, tell us some way that we can make our Blog approve our website with Google Adsense, then today I will understand all of you in a very simple way and I will tell you some things that if all of you follow on your website, then you will never encounter any problem related to AdSense approval on your website. Gee .

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Then all of you AdSense Approval Tips 2020 want to know, then read this article very carefully, if you all do not understand anything, then all of you can tell me in the comment box below.

AdSense Approval Tips 2020 For Blogger & WordPress

So let’s tell you guys, AdSense Approval Tips 2020, so guys, if all of you want to get your website approved with Adsense, then for this you all need Google AdSense That the entire policy has to be followed.  

Friends, there are many users from you who avoid Google Adsense policy, do not follow it so that because the website is not done, what are the things to be kept in mind that you will get the approval of Google Adsense quickly. So I will tell you all these things in all these things.

Friends, I have maintained a lot of videos on our YouTube channel, from this topic, if everyone watches those videos, then you will get more knowledge from all the people and you will get a lot of help too. I will give the link to all of you below, so you can also see those videos by visiting our sand.

So, friends, I tell you all which Adsense Approval tips they have to Blog, so all of you can get your website approved with Google Adsense as soon as possible.

AdSense Approval Tips 2020

AdSense Approval Tips 2020
AdSense Approval Tips 2020

So, friends, let me tell all of you the finalists AdSense Approval Tips 2020  , that you are very much aware about the, but if you have any confusion, then all of you in the comments below Please tell and if all your website is being rejected with Google Adsense again and again, all of you can tell me in the comment below, I will help you.

# 1. Genuine Content

First of all, our Adsense Approval Tips is that all of you people who put an article on your website, you have to write them all by yourself and do not copy from any other website from anywhere else. The policy Volution error will come.

Apart from this, all of you have to put 25 articles on your website, within 1 month after that all of you have to apply for AdSense.

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All people do not have to generate an article from anywhere, it has to be typed by typing and not everyone can write by typing, then you can use voice typing to all people.

#2. AdSense Friendly Responsive Theme

Now all of you people have to use a great theme on your website which is Adsense friendly, in addition to it should be responsive. Now this means that when a user opens your website in mobile then mobile If it is generated properly in the computer, and if it is opened in the computer then it should also be opened properly in the computer.

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If all of you do not know which Adsense Friendly Responsive Theme will be good for all of you, then for this you can see it by visiting our YouTube channel, we have told about many templates.

# 3. Submit Website In Google Search Console

So after taking all this work, all of you have to submit your website inside the Google Search Console, after submitting, all the people there will generate your website in Sitemap and submit it there. And after doing all this work, all of you people have to index all the posts on your website in Google.

And when all of you people do this work, then once it is checked whether your website has been submitted correctly in Google Search Console or not.

About The Post

So friends today, I told you all through this article. AdSense Approval Tips 2020. so if all of you guys have liked an article, then definitely share it with your friends, apart from this, you all have some confusion. If there is any doubt, then all of you can tell in the comment box below, I will definitely answer every comment of all of you.

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